On Exhibit: Designs That Defined the Museum of New Mexico

Oct 26, 2018 through Jul 28, 2019

Santa Fe is widely recognized as a city of museums. These beloved institutions and their exhibitions have long been integral to the fabric of local culture. On Exhibit: Designs That Defined the Museum of New Mexico, presents a fascinating look back at more than a century of changing exhibition design in the historic state museum system. This “exhibit about exhibits” reveals how presentation techniques evolved and helped establish the unique character of the Santa Fe’s museums.

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The Artists Record: The Western Scene, 1966. New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, An exhibition of paintings from the museum’s permanent collection. Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, NMHM, DCA, 138890.

Hall of Ethnology exhibit space, 1942. Opened in 1941, the Hall of Ethnology occupied the Old Armory Building on Washington Avenue until the late 1970s. This long-term exhibition space adjacent to the Palace of the Governors has nearly faded from public m

The inaugural exhibition of the Museum of International Folk Art, 1953

New Mexico Historical Society, early exhibition space in the east rooms of the Palace of the Governors. c.1915-1925.

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