Sayaka Ganz- Reclaimed Creations
Produced By David J. Wagner, LLC.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Jan 10, 2020 through May 17, 2020

Sayaka Ganz- Reclaimed Creations


“Sayaka Ganz- Reclaimed Creations” Produced by David J. Wagner, LLC., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director. See recycled artist Sayaka Ganz’ exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science in Albuquerque January 10- May 17, 2020. Ganz’ describes her art as “3d impressionism.” Her sculptures depict animals in motion, rich in color and energy. The sculptures are made from reclaimed plastic objects. Ganz uses the objects like a painter would use a brush stroke to create an effect similar to a Van Gogh painting in the three dimensions. Visit for more details.

“Sayaka Ganz- Reclaimed Creations” is produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C. (David Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director.) For more details about the traveling exhibit visit

(photo courtesy of Valentina Ragazzino)

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Artist-led Tour of Sayaka Ganz- Reclaimed Creations

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