Sacred Realm: Blessings & Good Fortune Across Asia
in the Cotsen Gallery, Neutrogena Wing

Museum of International Folk Art
Feb 28, 2016 through Mar 19, 2017

Sacred Realm: Blessings & Good Fortune Across Asia

Almost universally, yet through varied means and belief systems, people have found ways to connect with these powers to bring stability to their lives, to divert ill-will and harm, and to attract love, fertility, prosperity, longevity, and safety ... essentially, to harness protection, blessings, and good fortune for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. This exhibit invites visitors to explore some of the ways in which people seek and secure blessings and good fortune in Asia, a vast and culturally diverse region. Presented are amulets, votive offerings, and ritual objects – objects with other-worldly, divine qualities. These intricate and thoughtfully made works of art are drawn mostly from the museum’s Asian collection and are exhibited together with unique media and engaging interactive gallery components.

"Sacred Realm” reflects wide-ranging practices of belief that, at the same time, depict the common human desire to attain balance and harmony in the physical and spiritual realms of life.

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Barong Ket mask
Barong Ket mask (DETAIL)
Spirit House and offerings for the Spirit of the Land
Spirit House and offerings for the Spirit of the Land (detail)
Spirit House and offerings for the Spirit of the Land (detail)
Amay Yay-Yin Nat, Shan Culture, Early 20th century
Various Talismanic Necklaces
Ga’u (portable altar or amulet box), tsa tsa (votive offering with sacred image) featuring Avolokiteshevara, wood block printed prayer flags, and carrying case
Detail of Barong mask
Amulets at Wororot Market
Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, Thailand
Foo Dogs
Magic Squares, Various
Shaman’s ritual implements with Pan Hung figures, Yao culture (early to mid-20th century), Vietnam
Spirit House, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thai Buddhist Offering

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