Tako Kichi: Kite Crazy in Japan
Museum of International Folk Art
Jun 9, 2013 through Jul 27, 2014

Tako Kichi: Kite Crazy in Japan

Japanese Kites have been a long delightful and entertaining tradition.  The exhibition featured traditional kites from various regions of Japan, and work by respected kite artists.  This exhibition explored the cultural, historical. artistic perspectives of kite making and flying. The exhibit was complemented with a video of kite fights in Japan and in-gallery kite making.  Public programs included Artist demonstrations, with kite making and flying.

For more information, contact Felicia Katz-Harris at 505-476-1221 or felicia.katz-harris@state.nm.us

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Tsugaru-style kite painting depicting Raiko
Tsugaru-style kite painting
Nanbu-style Kite depicting Kintaro with a monkey
Insect Kite
Daruma kite painting

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